How it Works
Web-Based eCommerce Software

eLink is a powerful and reliable solution developed to meet the complex needs of the all retailers and Resellers combined. Our software is built from the ground up to provide you with a simple and powerful solution for all your reseller and distribution needs. With eLink, your business has found a home on the web, with easy-to-use shopping cart and online store management.

Now in its 5th major release version, our ecommerce software is reliable and rapidly scalable to accommodate your businesses growth. Our outstanding track record over our last 12 years in business proves that meeting and surpassing the needs of our ecommerce clients is the key to creating the Number One choice in ecommerce software today.

Quick Quoter with Height, Width, and Category, Add options , descriptions, colors, options & Features, prices and specifications make our eBLinds ecommerce software unique for blinds and shutters industries

Powerful Inventory Control

With eLink, you don't have to worry about your inventory running low or your orders getting out of control. Our powerful Inventory Control Panel gives you tabbed browsing of your entire inventory, with helpful tools such as Low Inventory Alerts, back Order List, Stock Adjustment History etc.

Order Manager

Take the reins of your business firmly in hand with eLink's custom-built Order Manager. It gives you a snapshot summary view of your entire inventory, so you can see in a single glance which products are selling well, what items are running low, plus the status of all your incoming sales orders and outgoing shipping orders. View reports for each week, month or year, and output charts and graphs to track your company's sales and top-selling products.

Product Attribute Control

With Product Attributes, you can now control, view and apply changes to multiple products all with one click of a mouse. For instance, with Product Groups, you can now create pre-saved Attribute Groups that can be added to products with a mouse click. When you save the changes ALL products using that Attribute Group are instantly updated!

Introducing Design Studio

Now, building your online store is easier than ever. Our complete, integrated ecommerce solution enables you to easily build and design an advanced storefront for your business in no time, with no programming skills and no HTML knowledge. We include every ecommerce tool you need to develop, design, and manage the 'look' of your online store, from the comfort of your own home. We have a wide range of Store Front templates for you to choose from to ensure your customers get the best impression of your business.

No Programming Skills Required

Feature Flashecom introduces new design services to help you provide a professional image and increase your sales. You can use one of our pre-made Custom Design Templates, or sit back and let us do all the work for you. Our expert design team will take your business to the next level by designing and implementing all or any of the following:

New Look Admin Panel

Behind the scenes, our admin control panel is now even easier to use. New Features include popular options and add-ons such as Google Checkout and QuickBooks Webconnector Integration, plus the ability to add an unlimited number of quotes / sales order items. Admin panel includes a host of user-friendly features added to make your Admin tasks easier, such as site traffic shown on your Dashboard, designed to help you get a quick visual on traffic levels. We've also added an International Address Feature to enable the international shipping address on Customer as well as all the transactions.

Coupon Manager

A great way to bring customers back to your site is a preferred customer coupon. Create a coupon in our coupon manager that the customers can use on their next purchase. Simply print one out and put it in the box you are shipping to your client, or e-mail it to them along with the tracking number.

Related Items

Offer links to similar products and increase your sales. Now, your customers will be shown items related to their purchase when they browse or make a purchase in a category. Related Products can now be assigned on a category level to be applied to all products inside that category. This is a HUGE timesaver! Now you can assign the same 3 Related Products to every product in a category with a few mouse clicks. Bundle feature Creates a "may we suggest" item for the up sale, using our bundle section we have given you the ability to add items as related items by item number.

Product Display

eLink features a host of customer-friendly display options, including: Add Video to product: Online video is fast becoming the #1 online sales tool available today. Why not shoot videos of the products you're selling and upload them to YouTube so your customers can get a really good look at what they're buying. Then simply add the YouTube URL and your video will show up on your own website beside the correct product. Alternatively, you can search Google for your product and add existing tutorials or manufacturers promotional videos to your item listings..

Product Media Attributes: You can now add images or video/ audio/ text files to product attributes, so when the customer clicks on an attribute you can show an image of that option, play a file, etc.

Customer-Friendly Sales Features

eLink contains a wide range of free tools and convenience features that customers love, including:

  • Gift Wrapping : If your customer is buying the item as a gift, eLink gives you the ability to offer Gift Wrapping on a category and Product level. You can also set 'Global' Gift wrapping so customers can have a whole order wrapped.
  • Product Review: You can provide a space on your site where your customers can write a product review. You can also block certain unwanted words from customer review by setting up a language filter.
  • Gift Certification: Generate future orders from a returning customer by adding Gift Certificates to your website. Your customer can buy a gift certificate (paid for in advance) and send to his/her friend. The gift certificate can be used during checkout.

Example of a gift certificate:

Example of Customer Review Admin panel:

EBay Integration

eBay 2.0: eBay 2.0 has added a significant amount of functionality to our already powerful eBay integration. EBay API has been integrated with our eLink system. You can add your item(s) to eBay through your store manager, and check the status of items as well. This service is optional. Please call your sales rep to enable eBay on your store.

Multiple image upload and Views

Zoom Product Image: We all know that a pictures speaks a thousand words. So..., Make them bigger! Now, when a customer rolls their mouse over the image on your product page they will automatically get the zoomed image. Images SELL!

Multiple Image upload: To make life easier for you and to save time, you can upload multiple product images at one time using our specially-designed image uploader. Just queue them up, then sit back and relax while your product images upload.

Social Networking

Social networking is designed to automate the follow us and Share buttons of major social media sites on your own website. When users bookmark your site, the info is shared with other users of their social networking sites, as a 'recommendation' that there is something interesting on your sites and it is deemed worthy of exploration by other members. Social bookmarking links help your site grow in the following ways:

- Increase recurring visitors
- Increase the traffic of your site via Bookmark Sharing
- Increase the link popularity of your site
- No maintenance from you, the script will be updated automatically

e-Marketing and Promotion Tools
  • Blogger : is one of the most popular Blogging sites on the market. Adding a ID to your store can help your store take advantage of the online Social Media explosion.
  • Title and Meta Tags upload of categories and products: Increase traffic to your site with simple SEO techniques.
  • Product Keyword Search: Keywords can be assigned to each product to increase the ability for customers to find the exact item they are looking for. You can now determine exactly when a product will be displayed as a result to a customer search. Very Powerful!
  • HTML conversion: Changes pages on your website from ASP to HTML to make them more search engine friendly.
Export to major shopping portals

Research has proven that customers first like to compare products before making a major purchase or buying in bulk. With eLink, you can make your products available to online shopping comparison websites, which also has a positive effect on your site's SEO due to the increased backlinks.

Advanced reporting and sales tools

eLink has been created and refined over the years using key feedback from our customers and users to build a robust, feature-packed product which delivers exactly what retailers and resellers want.

Advanced features include:
  • Shop By Price: This built in feature gives your budget-minded clients the ability to browse your catalog at a price point that fits their budget.
  • Order Manager - One Click Purchase Order Generation from Sales Order: You can now push a Sales Order to a Purchase Order with just one mouse click. The PPO will contain all line items, attributes, and any custom forms and attachments. This is a BIG time saver!
  • Out Of Stock Items - Inventory Control: Out of stock items can now be hidden from your storefront to eliminate any back-orders or customer frustration.
  • Purchase Order Update: If you've run out of a certain item and re-ordered, you don't need to worry about remembering to list the item as being back in stock on the day your new stock arrives. When the items in your purchase order are received, the stock/availability information will be updated automatically.
Comprehensive Payment Options

We know that our e-store owners value convenience of payment, ease of review, and connectivity with major payment portals above all else when it comes to payment options. We've integrated the main payment portals into our eLink software, making their features and trusted brand name available for use on your website.

  • eLink currently accepts: Credit Cards, PayPal, Net Term
  • Multiple Currency Abilities : You can now offer foreign currencies through your Flashecom Ecommerce Solution. Simply add the currencies you want to offer and you are done.
  • Buysafe Support : BuySafe script has been added.
  • QuickBooks 2007 Support : Who doesn't love this great accounting software? Add QuickBooks functionality to your website, and enable Sales Order Export for QuickBooks
Multiple Pricing Levels for Resellers

If your website contains multiple resellers, you can now give each reseller its own pricing structure. This is helpful when dealing with different brands of the same product.

Quantity Discounts

Reward customers who regularly order or buy in bulk with our Quantity Discount plan. This option also encourages your customers to buy more. You can set the discount based on quantity, so the more they buy, the cheaper the product becomes. FedEx XML integration Provides fast and easy shipping for your customers with FedEx. You can now add FedEx services to your website as eLink is fully compatible with FedEx's XML. (XML is short for Extensible Markup Language, which is used to facilitate the sharing of data across different information systems like the Internet).

UPS and USPS Support

give customers more shipping options. eLink supports most popular shipping carriers. Recent additions include:

  • Canada Post Shipping : Canada Post Shipping is enabled so Canadian customers now have an additional option on their shipping.
  • DHL Shipping : DHL Shipping is fully integrated. You can ship using DHL
  • USPS Shipping : USPS Shipping is fully integrated. You now have the ability to secure postage and print a USPS label directly through your solution (Label by
  • UPS Shipping : UPS shipping in now fully integrated and labels can now be printed directly from your solution.